Transformers The Game

Third-person shooting game that allows you to play as an Autobot or Decepticon from the popular series

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Transformers is a battle game similar to the movie of the same name.

Although the overall layout of the game consists of robotic battles, there is some violence, so the game should be reserved for older children and teenagers as well as adults who want to see the classic Transformers in a setting other than a movie. Once you begin playing the game after choosing the Transformer you want to control, you can spend hours trying to defeat the opponent. There are options to play with other people online, but the game is best played by yourself so that you can capture the nostalgia that the design of the game offers.

A map is seen on the screen that shows you where the opponent is located. There is also a menu where you can find the weapons you own and any contacts you have online who might be able to help or who you can talk to while you're playing. The graphics are quite detailed and will take you to a scene from a Transformers movie. The sound quality is a bit better than the graphics, especially when you make a defeat. Sounds of the weapons are mesmerizing to listen to because you would think that you're on a battlefield instead of playing a game. The game takes place on Earth, but you'll also do battle in Cybertron. This is an area where you're going to need more weapons and where you're going to have to watch every turn as there is quite a bit of excitement. There is an option to have up to four people with you when you battle against opponents who can be online as well. When you surpass certain levels, you receive rewards that will help in the game as you try to secure Dark Spark.


  • Intense action
  • Rewards in the game
  • Play with people online
  • Graphics are stunning


  • Sometimes too much at one time

Transformers: The Game takes you beyond the movie so that you can have a significant amount of fun.

The Risk of the Dark Spark is going to provide hours of entertainment. It is rated T for Teen because of the violence in the game. There are various components to the game, and if you are a fan of The Transformers franchise, you will want to download this game to your computer.

If you have watched the movies, the game is going to look extremely familiar. The graphics are impressive, and you will feel as though you have stepped into the set of the movie. As you play, you will be fighting on Earth as well as in Cybertron, which is going to provide you with a considerable amount of entertainment. There is an unforgettable battle taking place where you must secure the Dark Spark.

What’s unique is that you will be able to have multiplayer battles. When you play in the online mode, you have the ability to expand to up to four players. You also have the ability to upgrade all of your defenses and challenge power foes. This can lead to hours of play as well as the ability to play with all of your friends.

There is a new unlock system, which will provide you with the ability to unlock rewards as you reach different levels. This can help to progress through all of the modes by having more defense and more power. This is a necessity in order to have what is needed to get through the higher levels. Each level is challenging, and you will learn as you play so that you can proceed with the battles that lay in front of you.

Transformers: The Game offers a wide range of characters. Some you will notice from the movies while others are unique and specifically for the game. You will have the opportunity to play with Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and many of the other Transformers.

The game is offered on a variety of platforms, including Wii, Nintendo and PlayStation. If you do not have a game console, you can still enjoy the game for all it is worth because it is available as a download for your computer. This is a trial version that allows you to test out the action so that you can see whether it is something that you want to download as a full version.

Activision and Hasbro gaming are behind the game, which allows you to count on the overall quality. The sounds and the graphics are impressive and follow the movie closely. This allows you to benefit by recognizing the characters, the landscapes and the different scenes. If you love the movie and you love violent games, this is a video game that you will want to download and play for hours.


High in graphics

Follows movie


Can be confusing

PC is not the best platform for game

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